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5 reasons to choose Flanders:

  1. Great destination
    Flanders is the place to be for conferences and meet-centives! In this small but great region you can find everything you are looking for in a destination: beautiful historic cities with lots of art and culture, excellent seafood along the coast and the peace and quiet of the Flemish countryside.
  2. State of the art venues
    Everywhere you can find high quality hotels, restaurants and convention centres. When we talk   about special venues in Flanders, we really do mean special! Wouldn’t you like to organise a cocktail reception in an ancient brewery? Or perhaps you prefer having a dinner party in one of Napoleon’s former residences?
  3. High standard service suppliers
    With their attention to detail and their striving to exceed expectations, the service suppliers in Flanders are the absolute best. By listening to customers’ needs the event organisers and DMC’s create state of the art programmes. The service suppliers offer value for money and are renowned for their linguistic skills and service mindedness. They always go the extra mile.
  4. Excellent accessibility
    Flanders is known for its excellent accessibility and its short distances between cities. On top of that Flanders has a reputation for high standards and customer care. Thanks to these qualities, organising an event or meeting in Flanders is a piece of cake.
  5. Delicious place to be

Real gourmands and ‘bon-vivants’ feel at home in Flanders! Quality, value and diversity converge in this region known for its ‘art de vivre’. From art to fashion and food to music, let your appetite run its course in this delicious paradise.

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