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Flanders for associations

Proven destination for international associations

Brussels is the number one in Europe and number two worldwide in hosting meetings of international associations. In fact, Brussels hosts more international associations than any other city in the world. And it is the unrivalled top host city for the offices of international associations in Europe. So says the Union of International Associations (UIA). The same UIA (2014) ranks Belgium third in the top 15 International Conference Countries. 

In addition to Brussels, the Flemish cities of Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent also have renowned conference centres, each able to handle large groups, with good accessibility, state-of- the-art conference facilities and major art and cultural attractions. 

Major air hub

Participants can travel to Belgium quickly and cost effectively. Brussels Airlines’ Official Carrier Programme offers discounts on flights for all participants. And Brussels Airlines is also a member of the Lufthansa Group Meetings and Events Programme.

Excellent public transportation

Once in Flanders, organisers don’t need to arrange for local transportation. The various conference cities are accessible by a modern public transportation network. And the majority of hotels are within walking distance from the train station and conference centres, making organisation less expensive and easier.
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