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Diamond Ring ©Guy Kleinblatt
Raw and pure in all their facets. Magical and precious. Diamonds are without a doubt the most iconic jewels in the world.

The diamond industry in Flanders is a success story spanning centuries. Antwerp has been home to a flourishing diamond trade and industry for 500 years, and in the meantime has developed into the world’s principal diamond centre, accounting for more than half of the diamond activity around the globe. Diamond-lovers from all corners of the world favour Antwerp's perfectly symmetrical polished diamonds. 

The 1-km² diamond district around the central station is home to more than 2,000 business active in the diamond and jewellery industry. Of the 28 diamond trade fairs in the world, 4 take place in Antwerp, where 80% of all rough diamonds and 50% of polished diamonds are traded worldwide. 

In the heart of the famous diamond district, within walking distance of the renowned Diamond Bourse, lies the largest diamond showroom in Antwerp: DiamondLand. In this showroom of more than one thousand square meters, expert guides tell the story of Antwerp’s rich history and its more than 400 year relationship with diamonds. Watch diamond polishers and goldsmiths at work, see legendary diamonds on display and learn about diamond valuation, also known as the 4 Cs. 

Sparkling incentive activities

Why not take advantage of this unique opportunity and treat your delegates to a diamond experience:

  • A tour with professional guide including a visit to the diamond district, the Jewish Quarter and ending with a kosher lunch 
  • Make your guests feel like a VIP with a Diamond Cocktail, a unique reception with a real diamond in someone’s champagne glass 
  • For a truly unique experience, have a look behind the scenes and visit a diamond cutter 
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