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Belgian Comic Strip Center - Brussels ©Pieter Heremans
Brussels is the birthplace of the beloved cartoon character Tintin and his creator Hergé. The boy with an upswept lock of blond hair first appeared in 1929 and went on to star in 24 serialised illustrated albums. In 2011, Steven Spielberg directed a live-action movie called ‘The Adventures of Tintin’, introducing a whole new generation to the classic stories. Other well-known comic strip heroes are The Smurfs, Lucky Luke and the Daltons.

No visit to Brussels would be complete without paying homage to one of its most recognisable celebrities or delving into its long-running love affair with comic books. The best place to begin is the Belgian Comic Strip Center, housed in a spectacular Art Nouveau building designed by Victor Horta. The Center’s prestigious great hall, light pit, mezzanines, auditorium and side rooms are available for hire throughout the year for dinners, cocktail parties, press conferences etc. And don’t miss the comic strip trail, which leads you across the city, pointing out well-known and lesser known parts of the city through giant format comics painted on city walls.

More information on Comics in Flanders can be found here.

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