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Healthcare Expertise Centre
Belgium, with its long tradition in healthcare including biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, is known today for its well-developed network of renowned scientists, prominent research institutions and universities, as well as some of the world’s leading healthcare companies.

Healthcare sector activity in Brussels represents an important share of Belgium’s participation in the global economy. This dynamism in the Brussels healthcare sector is the result of close collaboration between universities and industry with the support of regional authorities.

Universities …

The region boasts the presence of 3 main universities and a network of hospitals linked with these universities. Together they provide a favourable environment in support of innovative, hi-tech activities and the development of a range of healthcare activities. These universities, home to some 6,000 lecturers and researchers, are key vehicles for technology transfer, making Brussels a prestigious centre for medical and pharmaceutical research.

… working hand in hand with Industry

Some 300 companies – including Glaxo Smith Kline Biologicals, UCB, Johnson & Johnson – active in the healthcare sector take advantage of this knowledge and expertise present in Brussels: 65% of this activity is in medical devices and 36% in BioPharma.

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