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Brussels is the lobbying capital of Europe, with more than 3,800 diplomats active in Brussels. The only city in the world where you will find more is New York City. Plus, after Washington DC (USA), Brussels is the world’s largest centre for advocacy and the city with the most foreign journalists.

Approximately 40% (4,500 in total) of all international associations have their headquarters in Brussels. Brussels is number one in Europe and number two in the world for hosting the meetings of international associations. And it is the unrivalled top host city for the offices of international associations in Europe. So says the Union of International Associations (UIA), an independent research institute that has been observing and documenting international civil society for over one hundred years.

Brussels is home to:

  • over 10,000 lobbyists
  • 700 professional associations
  • 400 organised interest groups
  • 150 international consulting firms
  • 150 law firms specialising in European law
  • 30 chambers of commerce
  • over 1,000 accredited journalists
  • a permanent representation for over 220 regions and federal entities
  • 1,300 European headquarters or sales subsidiaries of foreign companies

Reasons enough to make Brussels the venue for your next international meeting, convention or congress!

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