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Flanders, definitely not just a location to host your next conference. Situated in the beating heart of Europe, surrounded by other major cities and easily accessible. That’s us!

Despite our comparatively small size, the levels of know-how of our key industries, businesses and universities couldn’t be any bigger. History lies around every corner of our (art)cities and is world-renowned. Whether you want to organise your next conference in a medieval library, an old brewery, abbey or even an old coal mine. We can make it happen. Even more: we promise you a location as inspiring as the conference itself. And of course, our Flanders Heritage Venues are very professionally equipped. Our team won’t settle for less. 

So, we should definitely meet. And talk about creating tomorrow’s heritage. Together. We won’t show up empty-handed and we have created something very exclusive for you. Not just fancy a present but a message by one of our many renowned key industry influencers. The quote will inspire you and is yours to keep.

We do not just think global, we are global. So, please, fill in the blanks below and one of our association experts, located all over the world, will contact you.

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