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Flanders ticks all the boxes for a successful conference of your organisation or PCO. Here you will find experts, entrepreneurs, and education institutions in your field, as well as an interested audience, venues in magnificent heritage and everything you need to ensure your delegates have an unforgettable time: art, culture, culinary experiences, and activities such as cycling. And, last but not least, a committed team of convention professionals who will inspire to you organise a conference that creates the legacy of the future.
The VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau, nice to meet you!
Your delegates can easily travel to Flanders, which is located in the very heart of Europe. Likewise, our experts are on hand to assist you and your association every step of the way. We look forward to your phone call or e-mail. Better yet, why not visit our region, which is famous for its hospitality? We hope to meet you during an inspirational visit, at a networking event, or during any other opportunity that suits you.
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