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KVS (Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg)

Sara Primiterra, Events and Project Manager, Association Européenne des Conservatoires

Quote“The AEC organises 3 conferences a year. Our association chose the same region three consecutive times for the first time ever. Why? Because the commitment and engagement of the convention bureaus in Flanders is simply unrivalled.”

Local expertise
Pamela Mortimer, Chief Executive Officer, The Society for Experimental Biology 

Quote“We chose Flanders because this region excels in our area of expertise. Local experts, who work in experimental biology, helped prepare our conference and that was evident in the  quality of the programme.”

Plenty of support
Wiebke Schmidt-Reyer, Operations Manager, European College of Veterinary Surgeons  

Quote“Flanders has an excellent reputation when it comes to veterinary science, with members also playing an active role in our organisation and field of expertise. This generates plenty of local support, which is a crucial factor for a successful conference.”

Professor Philip Meuleman, Laboratory of Liver Infectious Diseases (LLID), International Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses  

Quote“We already had plans to organise the conference in Flanders for several years. But associations know all too well that this involves a lot of planning and work. We owe the fact that we ultimately pulled it off to the support of the experts at the VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau”.

Margit Bal, General Director, Herita  

Quote“We focus on offering people a heritage experience in the great outdoors and in urban environments. So you can see why Flanders was the logical choice for our conference. There are very few places in the world where heritage is such a priority, both for policy-makers and society as a whole.”

Eija Salmi, Secretary General, Cumulus 

Quote“Cumulus is the only global association to serve art, design education, and research. We are working on the future, which is why we find innovation so crucial. The Flemish bid stood out for this aspect, which is why we decided to organise our conference here.”

Delicious food
Thomas Gugler, President, World Associations of Chefs Society  

Quote“Perhaps Flemish cuisine is not as well-known as Italian or French cuisine, but it easily rivals them in terms of quality. After our World Chefs European Congress in Flanders, everyone agreed that this was the best food that we’d ever been served at one of our conferences.”

Timo Perala, President, Winter Cycling Organisation  

Quote“I’m going to very honest with you. I had no idea that Flanders was such a cycling destination. I only realised it after an inspirational visit, during which I was able to cycle through water and trees. I immediately knew that this was the right place to host our Winter Cycling Congress.”

Karl Woeber, President, International Academy for the Study of Tourism  

Quote“As an association you hope to leave a legacy with your conference. That is also the objective of the VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau. Their mission “Travel to Tomorrow” is entirely geared towards creating a legacy and our conference reaped the fruits of this.”

Flanders Heritage Venues
Damian Hutt, Executive Director, Associations World Congress  

Quote“Flanders has a number of venues that are utterly unique in the world. We even inaugurated one of them with our conference. The Associations World Congress was the first conference to be organised in the FMCCA, which was truly an honour.”

Anna Maria Darmanin, Secretary-General, European Tugowners Association  

Quote“Our members’ activities take place in and around the port. That is why we like to organise our conferences in port cities. Choosing Antwerp made all the difference because of the amazing network of entrepreneurs that was involved in the organisation of our conference.”

Societal support
Bas Van Looy, President, World Resources Forum  

Quote“The circular economy can only be achieved if you have the support of society as a whole. A conference on this subject is, in this respect, no different. That is why we opted to organise it in Flanders, which plays a pioneering role when it comes to the circular economy, right up to the highest policy level.”

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