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Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp

Flanders is the unsurpassable Association Hub. With Brussels as its capital, Flanders is home to more than 2000 international associations and trade organisations. Centrally located in Europe, Flanders is an economic hub in the middle of one of the world’s highest concentrations of people, money and industries. Innovation is deeply embedded. The region takes a leading position in numerous key industries and has strategic research centres, renowned universities, state-of-the art infrastructure, the latest technology and a highly skilled workforce. 

Flanders for your association

Key Industries

VISITFLANDERS, together with the local convention bureaus, helps international associations organise their conferences in Flanders and Brussels. In 2017, three International Association Experts joined the team of VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau. Association experts are vital to identify and approach the right contacts within Flanders’ key industries and academic world and help find the right match between associations’ demands and the conference venues on offer in Flanders.

Industries in Flanders

Life Sciences, Bio tech and Healthcare

Flanders offers you an innovative ecosystem of top-class universities, academic hospitals, research centres and (bio-)incubators. The region has a dense network of pharmaceutical, biotech and other major industry players. Flanders boasts high expertise in numerous subdomains of the life sciences and health industry, including pharmaceuticals, medical technology and medical biotechnology. 

Four cities in Flanders – Ghent, Leuven, Antwerp and Hasselt – are home to life sciences research parks that offer highly specialised services and resources. To top it all off, the healthcare industry in Flanders is highly developed and innovative as well.

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The Port House (c) Havenbedrijf Antwerpen - Peter Knoop copyright always obligatory

Port Industries, Logistics, Petrochemistry and Energy

Antwerp’s international port is the 2nd-largest of its kind in Europe and one of the four seaports in Flanders. This renowned port is home to Europe’s largest integrated petrochemical cluster and brings logistics companies from around the globe to Antwerp. In fact, 9 of the world’s top 10 logistics players operate a base in the Capital of Diamonds. In addition, Flanders has one of tightest logistics infrastructures and ecosystems worldwide. 

The region has a strong international specialisation in value added logistics. Also the energy industry is booming. Flanders has all the ingredients to take clean technology and renewable energy to the next level: from a government-driven commitment to sustainability, over innovative energy companies, to pioneering research centres and knowledge platforms that aim to bring about a clean energy economy. 

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Opera Ghent

Art, Culture and Gastronomy

From Bruges to Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven, and everywhere in between, the towns in Flanders are known for their beauty, charm and ambiance. Beauty however is more than skin-deep, Flanders is home to excellent universities and world-changing institutions, as well as famous museums, events and works of art. The performing arts scene in Flanders is marked by a dynamic and colourful mix of dance, theatre, music theatre and performance. Art, history, culture and gastronomy are part of the Flemish DNA. 

We are not only the cradle of artists and famous painters like Rubens, Breughel and Van Eyck but also of renowned beer brewers, chefs, chocolatiers and athletes. The beautiful scenery, picturesque villages and heritage cities make Flanders, a paradise for cyclist. Flanders boasts a long and proud tradition of cycle racing that is embedded in the culture of the region. 

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Attractive Conference Destination

One of Flanders most important strengths is the location of its conference centres, right in the middle of the historic city centres. It’s precisely this cultural heritage that creates Flanders’ appeal as a meeting and conference destination. Association delegates experience unforgettable congresses in unique special meeting venues. 

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