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Why Flanders is rolling out the red – excuse us: the green – carpet for your conference on nature? Because this theme is at the top of the agenda among our policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and residents.

The importance that Flanders attaches to your domain is no coincidence. Did you know, for example, that this northern region of Belgium...

  • is crucial for biodiversity in Europe?
  • is one of the most vulnerable areas worldwide to climate change?
  • has forests that are designated as UNESCO world heritage sites?
  • has venues from which your delegates can step directly into a nature reserve?

In Flanders, you give an innovative interpretation to your conference on nature. That is proven by this e-book: 68 pages packed with beautiful photos, fascinating interviews and valuable tips. This unique reference book is truly a goldmine if you are organizing or planning a conference in nature.

Download your free copy now. Flanders and nature thank you warmly.

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