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Few sectors are as important to our future as the circular economy. Reusing raw materials, developing sustainable products and reducing CO2 are cornerstones of tomorrow's sustainable society.

This e-book tells you more about the latest evolutions in this crucial field. You also learn more about your conference in Flanders, a region that leads the world in circular economy. Among other things, you will read

  • what impact circularity will have on sectors such as construction, biotech, chemistry and food
  • how you and your delegates can enjoy art, gastronomy and cycling in Flanders in a circular way
  • how to create a positive long-term impact in circular economy with your conference
  • how to attract top names like Yuval Noah Harari to your conference

The information, ideas and insights in this e-book come from internationally renowned experts in the field of circular economy. They unlock for you a wealth of inspiration for your next conference.

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