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Sonja Opreij, nice to meet you

Sonja Opreij works as an Associations Relations Manager for the VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau in the Netherlands.

3 compelling questions for Sonja

1. Why are you convinced that congress delegates will love Flanders?
We connect your conference with the relevant local institutions and authorities, to optimise the experience for your delegates, especially on the content side. This is how we distinguish ourselves from other destinations, and why your event will always be more successful in Flanders.
2. What do you yourself love most about Flanders?
Like me, Flemish people passionately love all the good things in life: art, food, music, and... chocolate!
3. What is the link between your country and Flanders?
In The Netherlands we speak the same language as the Flemish and in many ways we don’t. For Dutch people Flanders feels very close to home, but the culture is sufficiently different to give people the feeling that they are in another country.