Your contact person

Wimke Nijs, nice to meet you

Wimke Nijs works as an Associations Relations Manager for the VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau in USA.

3 compelling questions for Wimke

 1. Why are you convinced that conference delegates will love Flanders?
The beautiful historic city centers where our conference centers and special meeting venues are located. What is better than walking out of a meeting on medieval cobblestone streets and savoring a gastronomic meal or tasting a craft beer in a setting that breathes history?

2. What do you yourself love most about Flanders?
The things that I look most forward to when traveling to Flanders – besides seeing friends and family – are the great food, trappist beers, chocolates, the way people in Flanders know how to enjoy the good life.

3. What is the link between your country and Flanders?
West Coasters love road biking! I see Belgian tricolor and yellow Flemish jerseys zooming by every day.