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Flemish hospitality is legendary and dished out in the same generous portions as our fries, beer, and chocolate. You will notice this when you contact our experts. Enter your information, and you'll hear from us soon. Need a good reason? Below you find seven.

7 splendid reasons to contact VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau

  1. You will find in Flanders all the experts that you need for a successful conference.
  2. You will impress delegates by receiving them in the Flanders Heritage Venues.
  3. Your delegates will enjoy our cultural highlights, gastronomy and cycling culture.
  4. Flanders is easily accessible for your delegates from anywhere in the world.
  5. You receive support with the content and logistics during the preparation of your conference.
  6. Our service is 100% independent, completely free of charge. Note: our friendliness is always included.
  7. By organizing your conference in Flanders, you set a milestone: a positive, long-term impact for your sector and for society. Note: your statue on a Flemish market square is not included.


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