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VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau is the official convention bureau for Flanders and Brussels. We are part of the Flemish Government, which makes us 100% objective and impartial. Our service is free, our advice priceless.

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VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau operates not only from the headquarters in Brussels, Flanders, but also in key target markets worldwide. That is why you will always find an expert from VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau near you.

Our experts cooperate tightly with local convention bureaus, as well as with professional trade unions, knowledge institutions, spearhead clusters and sectoral federations. All of these connections allow us to put together the strongest possible LOC (Local Organizing Committee) for you. This is your most reassuring guarantee of a successful conference.

Our mission: to support you in setting a milestone

This quote from the celebrated artist can be applied to your conference. Your association may as well leave a wonderful legacy behind. For your industry and your members, for the place and the people who rolled out the red carpet for you.

At VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau, we value this legacy. We believe that your association’s visit can offer a positive, long-term impact for society. Your conference has the potential to be a milestone in your industry, as well as in the lives of hundreds, thousands and even millions of people.

That is why our experts reflect on the legacy of your conference before it starts, along with a number of Flemish standard bearers in your key industry. After your conference, we map the impact of your conference and provide you with feedback about this.

Want to know more about this free-of-charge impact methodology?

“Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind”.

Your conference and sustainability: a given in Flanders

2 billion and counting.

So many hits you get when you type the keyword "sustainability" on Google. The topic is high on the agenda worldwide, including in Flanders.

Sustainability is an integral part of VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau's vision of the future and is included in our strategic objectives. Congresses in Flanders will be sustainable, high-quality and experiential, rather today than tomorrow.

In order to achieve this, we participate in the Global Destination sustainability Index on a yearly basis. This allows us to monitor the sustainability performance of our destination and take concrete actions to improve.

In 2022, as part of the VISITFLANDERS Sustainability Plan, specific goals were formulated to to increase the sustainability of our conference offer and operations. Here are some examples of what we have planned:

  • of the core conference locations in the conference cities and the conference locations financed by VISITFLANDERS, 25% have a thirdparty sustainability certificate in 2024 and 100% in 2030.
  • all conference locations that are part of the Flanders Heritage Venues and Special Meeting venues will complete an accessibility track by 2030 with a view to maximising accessibility.
  • these venues will also follow a sustainability training course.
  • as of 2023, every conference and event VISITFLANDERS supports will operate based on a sustainability framework provided by us, in order to optimally reduce our ecological footprint.

Would you like to know more about the sustainability of your conference in Flanders?

Download our Sustainability Guidelines for conferences and events.

Association Expert Tuya Beyers is also at your service for more information.

VisitFLANDERS Convention Bureau loves working with you. Here are the reasons why that is most likely mutual.

VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau loves working with you.

Here are the reasons why that is most likely mutual.
  • We put together the strongest possible local organising committee.
  • We provide the best recommendations regarding venue, catering, accommodation and activities.
  • We help you define the positive, long-term impact of your conference.
  • You get the use of our state-of-the art technology for hybrid conferences.
  • We gladly welcome the board of your association or PCO for an inspirational visit.
  • Our service and support are free of charge.

Success stories

A conference in Flanders is not a step into the deep end. Many associations and PCOs preceded you by organizing a very successful edition. Read here why they chose our region.

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Alexandra Gerard

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Stijn Spaepen

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UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism

Maria Soledad Gaido


Nice to meet you

Our experts are at home in your sector. Wherever your association is headquartered, there is always a Relations Manager in your area who will be happy to tell you more about Flanders' unique assets as a host region for your conference.