You could write a whole book about Flemish cities.
That's what we did, with beautiful photos in it. Discover the cities of Rubens, Van Eyck, beer and chocolate as the ideal location for your next conference.


Modern or historical, small and cosy or large and multifuncional, from medieval to contemporary, from Art Nouveau to avant garde,... The cities in Flanders will surprise you with 1001 views and as many opportunities for your conference.

4 excellent reasons to organize your conference in a Flemish city or region


All of Flanders' major meeting cities are accessible in less than one hour from either Brussels Airport or Brussels South railway station.


The venues are located in the city center, making public transportation an attractive option.


The Flemish cities are pearls of historical heritage, and make an unforgettable impression on the delegates of your congress.


Because of their location in the center, your guests will enjoy all the Flemish assets: excellent hotels, refined gastronomy and world-class art.

Free e-book about Flanders as a dream location for your conference

Rubens, Van Eyck, Bruegel, chocolate and beer. Cities with a thousand-year history. Venues unique in the world. Flanders has a lot of trump cards to delight your delegates.

This beautiful e-book reveals all the assets for you, in 36 pages full of impressive photos. Download your free copy here.

Get to know our cities and discover the ideal biotope for your conference.

Brabo - Antwerp


Welcome in an industrial and cultural diamond on the river Scheldt.

A day in Bruges


Organise your conference in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Grand Place- City Hall - Brussels


Be our guest in a multicultural metropolis in the heart of Europe.

Graslei - Ghent


Discover a medieval city with a contemporary heart.

Leuven - Oude Markt


This is your premier destination for books and beer.

Bokrijk 1800


Welcome to Flanders' premier knowledge region.

Saint Rumbold's Cathedral


The former capital of the Burgundian Netherlands is small and picturesque, steeped in history.

Belgian coast


Walk in the footsteps of Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, and James Ensor.

Legacy Philosophy

Impress your delegates with a Flanders Heritage Venue

By choosing one of the Flanders Heritage Venues, you can welcome your delegates in a building with a unique story and offer them an amazing heritage experience. The location always has exceptional architectural value, is situated in the historic city centre, and is within walking distance of all of Flanders’ cultural, artistic, and culinary assets. In that sense, you are really creating the legacy of the future in today’s heritage, while offering your guests an unforgettable experience.

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Free inspiration for your next conference

A successful conference is one that inspires. That’s why we offer you here tons of inspiration. For a conference in your domain, for your conference in Flanders.