Impact Methodology

Set a milestone with your conference. Not just in your domain, but for all of society.

In Flanders, we believe in the impact of your conference. That's exactly what we mean by "your milestone": the positive, long-term impact that you and your conference can have for people. As a conference organizer, you can be of much more importance to society than you often realize.

Conferences are milestones. Game changers. Contacts are made there and ideas are born that not only change the sector, but often also the lives of people connected to that sector and even to society in a broader sense.

A milestone of a conference: a great example

As a result of the organization of an important international conference on cycling...

  • a city has built extra cycle paths (from 3 kilometers to 200 kilometers).
  • the city has encouraged residents to cycle more for short distances
  • the university in that city is conducting more research into smart mobility
  • local businesses gain know-how for new innovations and new jobs are created


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How VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau helps your conference to establish a milestone


In collaboration with Meet4Impact we developed a complete methodology to determine the impact of your conference. This methodology consists of 4 phases.

Phase 1. We work together to find out what your milestone could be: what positive impact can your conference have on people in society?

Phase 2. We look for parties in government, education, business and local civilian organizations and non-profits who can support your conference. Like this we create a strong local support base, which increases the chance of a positive and durable impact.

Phase 3. We tell the story of your conference and the impact you want to create. Which messages do we spread through which channels? In other words: we communicate about your conference to everyone who needs to know.

Phase 4. We measure the effect. Did your conference achieve the impact we set out to have? We put this into an impact report, from which you can gain a lot of valuable lessons for future conferences in different destinations.

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Let’s co-create the impact of your conference

VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau offers this methodology free of charge to your association when you choose Flanders as the location for your conference. Want to know more about this service and our impact methodology?

You can set a milestone in any economic domain

Flanders welcomes conferences in all major sectors, from smart energy over care & health to smart mobility. You will find numerous experts in Flanders in each of these domains. These not only help to put together a strong program, but also ensure an enthusiastic audience.

Key industries

In all of these domains, Flanders has world-renowned scientists and entrepreneurs. VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau brings these standard-bearers together in a unique partnership: the Legacy Makers. Several times a year the members meet to discuss how they can support your convention in Flanders.

VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau is part of the International Impact Alliance

This global partnership now has more than 30 members. It is a neutral and open platform for sharing information on the topic of impact and legacy in Europe and beyond.

Sustainability is always the common thread

Are you organizing a conference in Flanders? Of course we make it as sustainably as possible.