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This article is based on a lecture given by Sam Versele at the Legacy Makers Event on June 15, 2023. During these Legacy Makers Events, leading researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers from Flanders come together to see how they can help support the legacy of your conference. Want to know more about the Legacy Makers?

Sam Versele

It’s incredible to witness the diverse range of emotions and connections that places can evoke within all of us. These shared experiences remind us of the profound impact that context can have on our perceptions, our decisions and our sense of purpose.

Organizing your conference in the right context can have a profound impact on its outcomes.

Research conducted by Dr. Robert Cialdini - a renowned social psychologist - reveals fascinating insights into the power of context. When people are surrounded by a compelling environment that resonates with their goals and values, they become more engaged, inspired and inclined to make sound decisions.

When participants step into a Flanders Heritage Venue, they are transported to a place where history, culture and innovation converge. These venues, with their unique and heritage-based settings, offer an unparalleled backdrop for your international conference or event.

Research highlights the advantages of organizing events in such remarkable venues.

Scientific facts and figures show that your delegates’ cognitive abilities are enhanced when they are exposed to aesthetically pleasing and inspiring surroundings.

Studies conducted by Dr. Joye, a leading expert in environmental psychology, indicate that exposure to historic and heritage elements triggers positive emotions and stimulates creative thinking. By immersing your delegates in the rich heritage of Flanders, you ignite their imagination and foster an environment conducive to innovation and problem-solving.

Furthermore, when participants feel a strong emotional connection to their surroundings, their level of engagement skyrockets. Research by Professor Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary psychologist, proved that shared experiences in inspiring environments strengthen social bonds and enhance cooperation. By organizing your conference in a Flanders Heritage Venue, you create a sense of shared history, enabling delegates to forge meaningful connections and collaborate more effectively.

The network of Flanders Heritage Venues includes 31 extraordinary venues.

Each of these venues meets the most stringent requirements in quality, sustainability, experience and digital innovation. Each location is carefully selected to offer a truly unforgettable experience. From majestic castles to converted industrial spaces, Flanders Heritage Venues encompass the diversity of our region’s heritage.

These venues serve as a testament to our rich past while embracing the future. We do that by monitoring, developing and redefining international quality standards. At the same time, we ensure that every venue respects its visitors, but also its residents, entrepreneurs and the place itself. Much attention is also paid to sustainability, delivering an unprecedented experience, before, during and after the event.

Seize the opportunity to create tomorrow’s heritage.

At VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau, we believe that the true value of organizing your conference in a Flanders Heritage Venue lies in the opportunity to create tomorrow’s heritage. By bringing together academics, industry leaders and visionaries in these extraordinary settings, your association amplifies the impact of their work. You pave the way for groundbreaking ideas and decisions that will shape the future. Not only of your field or discipline, but also of the society in which your association operates.

The slogan “Create Tomorrow’s Heritage” embodies the mission your association and Flanders share: to leave a lasting legacy through the organization of meaningful conferences and events. It emphasizes our mutual commitment to fostering an environment that transcends the present, inspiring innovation and progress for generations to come.

Context setting has an undeniable impact on the success of your conference. By welcoming your delegates to a Flanders Heritage Venue, you harness the power of historic significance, captivating surroundings and shared experiences. You provide your participants with an environment that stimulates engagement, inspiration and wise decision-making.

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