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Health care is facing enormous challenges. As an association or a PCO active in Care & Health, you know that better than anyone else. Ageing, socio-economic evolutions and new pandemics will exert ever-increasing pressure on our care system in the decades ahead. In Flanders, these challenges are being grasped by both hands.

Nice to know


Flanders is the no. 2 country in Europe when it comes to clinical trials per capita.


Our region has one of the world’s fastest approval times for clinical trials.


A Flemish company supplies the algorithm for cardiology data on Fitbit and Samsung Watch.


The scientific publication output in Flanders is higher than the world standard in the areas of biology (organismic & supra-organismic level) (BIOL), neurosciences (NEUR), life sciences (BIOS) and biomedical research (BIOM).

Healthcare in the northern region of Belgium is among the very best in the world. Lots of medical innovations are being developed here. Experts are working for a more holistic picture, for more organisation of care in the social fabric of society, for a new model that focuses on the patient rather than the care institution.

Care & Health are important in Flanders, and that’s why your conference is too. Your association or PCO gains access to an innovative ecosystem of top-class universities, academic hospitals, research centres and (bio-)incubators in numerous health & care domains. Together with your delegates, you will feel the beating heart of new developments. Your conference will create legacy in the place where the future is shaped.

Our partners – and consequently potential partners for your conference


Top-class universities + academic hospitals

  • Ghent University + UZ Gent
  • The Free University of Brussels + UZ Brussel
  • UAntwerp + UZA
  • The Catholic University of Leuven + UZ Leuven
  • UHasselt / University colleges


Research centres

  • VIB (biotechnology)
  • VITO (technology for sustainable development)
  • Imec (nanotechnology and digital technology)


Science parc + Bio incubators

  • BIOSCAPE (Ghent)
  • Flanders bio-tech valley (Ghent)
  • Bluehealth Innovation Center (Antwerp)
  • Tech Lane Ghent
  • VIB bio-incubator (Ghent)
  • KU Leuven Bio-incubator (Leuven)
  • Incubator Darwin (Antwerp)
  • BioVille (Hasselt)
  • VIB Core Facilities


Sector + Network organisations

  • FlandersBio (life sciences)
  • CINBIOS (industrial biotechnology)



  • Biotechnology: Argenx, Ablynx, Janssen Diagnostics, Biocartis
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, GSK Vaccines, UCB, Roche Diagnostics, Novartis, Sanofi, Amgenis
  • AgroBiotech cluster: CropDesign, Syngenta
Care & Health

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