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Brecht Putman, nice to meet you

Brecht Putman works as an Associations Relations Manager for the VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau in USA.

3 compelling questions for Brecht

1. Why are you convinced that conference delegates will love Flanders?
Visitors always fall in love with the veritable historic charm of our Flemish cities and conference planners value the "getting things done” culture of experts in our various key industries.
2. What do you yourself love most about Flanders?
I appreciate the delicious hearty meals the most. High on my list of recommendations are the brown shrimp croquettes, Belgian endives, or an old-school Flemish beef stew – all perfectly paired with a cool Belgian beer!
3. What is the link between your country and Flanders?
Flanders may be a small region, that is barely the size of Connecticut. And yet there’s a lot that connects us with the United States. For instance whenever I walk around Brussels, I like to point out the house where America’s sweetheart Audrey Hepburn was born. Many Americans remember the War of 1812 but it often comes as a surprise that the peace treaty was signed in Ghent.