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Sam Versele, nice to meet you

Sam Versele works as Project leader & meeting & congress infrastructure expert for the VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau.

3 compelling questions for Sam

1. Why are you convinced that congress delegates will love Flanders? 
I have lived in and visited many countries around the world. But I have rarely encountered such an amazing combination of determined and creative entrepreneurs, cutting-edge expertise, and willingness to connect.
2. What do you yourself love most about Flanders?
I love being able to experience lively and beautiful urban heritage during business hours, enjoying the many little gems in the countryside after hours, and topping it all off with some superb local food and drinks at the end of each day.

3. What is the strong link between your expertise and Flanders? 
I help set up the right collaborations between networks and communities, so they can flourish and spread and utilise their expertise and creativity.