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How do you add a wow factor to your hybrid event?

Introducing the HYBR platform: TED, Clubhouse, Teams and LinkedIn all in one

Innovative Event Design is a crucial tool to add a wow factor to your conference. But how do you achieve that effect for delegates who follow your conference along the digital highway? Can you add a wow to a hybrid conference as well? With VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau's HYBR platform, you come pretty close.

One common thread ran through the existing platforms: they focus exclusively on the digital dimension. After all, they were developed for a specific event, as a solution to the challenge of the pandemic. As a result, these platforms are often a hodgepodge of existing tools, tailored to listening to or viewing presentations.

In other words, they do not offer the opportunity to connect deeply with other attendees. And that is a handicap, because in the connection with other delegates lies precisely the essence of a successful conference.

That's where the HYBR platform takes a hit. Connection is at the heart of it all. The technology creates a balance between the digital experience and the live event. Physical and digital are interwoven, creating a completely new experience of the event. And indeed: that is a wow experience.

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Central to HYBR is the live experience. The platform brings together both speakers and participants live and online.

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HYBR is reminiscent of TED Talks, Clubhouse, Teams and LinkedIn, but with its own interpretation and all united in a single place.

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Visitors have the opportunity to participate in sessions together and share these online discussions publicly on the platform - making them a component of the event program itself.

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HYBR is modular and flexible in set-up and can easily be adapted to the needs of the congress organizer.

Use HYBR at your next conference

Does your association or PCO choose Flanders as the location for your next hybrid conference?

Then VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau puts HYBR at your disposal. For more information about the platform or about your conference in Flanders: contact Milo Vergucht.


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