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Arts and heritage are engrained in Flanders’ DNA. Our region is steeped in a cultural heritage that goes back many centuries. Here you find a multitude of world-class museums, galleries, and arts centres in addition to a host of art events that are organised throughout the year. In other words: the ideal environment for your conference in any of these fields.

Nice to know


Flanders is the only region in the world where you can admire the masterpieces of Rubens, Bruegel and Van Eyck in their original setting: the place for which the master created the work.


The beguinages in Flanders have great universal value, and have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The "In Flanders Fields Museum" in Ieper, dedicated to the First World War, takes its name from John McCrae's famous poem.


Flanders has more than 1,500 castles, making it the region with the most castles per square kilometer in the world.

Flanders plays a unique trump card, which not even Paris, London or New York can put on the table: you receive your delegates in the place where Bruegel, Rubens and Van Eyck created their masterpieces. This spirit of place - as described by UNESCO - lifts your conference to a higher level in terms of experience and storytelling.

No matter how diverse Flanders is when it comes to art and heritage, the focus is on four areas: the Flemish masters – with Rubens, Van Eyck and Bruegel as exponents – the First World War, our castles and gardens and finally the rich religious heritage in our region.

In all these areas, our region has internationally renowned experts, who welcome your conference with open arms. Your association or PCO is also assured of the support of universities, research institutes, cultural organizations and governments, which together form a solid support base for your organization.


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Flanders holds a trump card which not even Paris, London or New York can play. Here you welcome your delegates in the place where Bruegel, Rubens and Van Eyck created their masterpieces. This e-book tells you in 64 compelling pages why you can be assured of a successful conference in Flanders. Not only in Arts & Heritage, but also in dozens of other economic and scientific domains.


Our partners – and consequently potential partners of your conference


Sector Organisations

  • Flanders Audiovisual Fund (Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, VAF)
  • Flanders Art Institute (Kunstenpunt)
  • Flemish Architecture Institute (Vlaams Architectuur Instituut, VAI)
  • Circuscentrum
  • Flemish Interface Centre for Cultural Heritage (Vlaams Steunpunt voor cultureel erfgoed, FARO)
  • Flemish Art Collection (Vlaamse Kunstcollectie, VKC)
  • Flemish Museum Network (Vlaams Museumoverleg)
  • Herita
  • Contemporary Art Heritage Flanders (CAHF)


Research & Education

  • The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK), Ghent
  • Luca School of Arts, Ghent/Leuven
  • Erasmus University College, Brussels
  • Artesis Plantijn University College, Antwerp
  • PXL University College, Hasselt



  • Department of Culture, Youth and Media (CJM)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs (BuZa)
  • Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT)
  • European Subsidy Programme Creative Europe Desk Flanders

How we support your conference in Arts & Heritage

Your conference in Arts & Heritage is right at home in Flanders. Contact our expert in your domain for more information about the free support we offer to your association or PCO.

  • We put together the strongest possible local organising committee.
  • We provide the best recommendations regarding venue, catering, accommodation and activities.
  • We help you define the positive, long-term impact of your conference.
  • You get the use of our state-of-the art technology for hybrid conferences.
  • We gladly welcome the board of your association or PCO for an inspirational visit.
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