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Flanders is the region where Rubens, Van Eyck and Bruegel created their masterpieces. This sacred place is therefore a unique location for a successful conference in Arts & Heritage. Our free e-book offers you a wealth of inspiration and insights. You will discover, among other things

  • why Jan Van Eyck – like Leonardo da Vinci – was a homo universalis.
  • how WWI developed into a meeting place for scientists.
  • what links Flemish art has with conferences in other fields – from mathematics to musicology and architecture to gastronomy.
  • why castles are an indispensable part of our identity.

This e-book offers you no less than 64 pages of reading pleasure. The full-page photos of Flemish art and heritage are a feast for the eyes. The Flemish cities – which welcome your delegates with open arms – are happy to introduce themselves.

In short, this e-book is essential reading for every association or PCO looking for an unforgettable location for a successful conference.


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Flanders is home to 11 key sectors

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