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Industry 4.0 is a groundbreaking industrial development, comparable to the advent of the steam engine and the internet. Flanders is your co-pilot in this revolution. Our region is an Industry 4.0 hotspot, and companies worldwide are embracing the innovations that are developed here.

Inspirational quotes about Industry 4.0


"Industry 4.0 is a game changer, because it facilitates the shift from mass production to mass customization.”


“The questions that Elon Musk asks are being answered in Flanders.”


“Humans remain a key link in industry 4.0.”


“Who is responsible for mistakes in a factory where no humans work?”

Source: free e-book “Catch a glimpse of the future in Industry 4.0” (see below)

Flanders is totally on top of the new trend in this domain, called Industry 5.0. Increasing attention is being paid to human aspects and sustainability. Our local education in virtual reality – a crucial tool in Industry 4.0 – is considered the best in the world. The concept of Living Labs guarantees a continuous improvement.

This unique biotope ensures that the northern region of Belgium has numerous experts in your domain. As a professional, you know better than anyone: this is a crucial factor in making your conference a success.

Our partners – and consequently potential partners of your conference


Internationally renowned university colleges

  • Howest
  • RITS
  • LUCA
  • Thomas More
  • Hogent
  • Karel de Grote Hogeschool


Top-class universities

  • Catholic Universaty of Leuven
  • Ghent University
  • UAntwerp
  • UHasselt
  • Free Universaty of Brussels


3 cutting edge research centres

  • Imec
  • Flanders Make
  • Living Tomorrow


Sector & Network organisations

  • EUKA – Drones
  • Flanders DC – Creativity & innovation
  • Ageria
  • Sirris – centre for the technology industry



  • XR
  • ICT – Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Agfa, Philips, Option, Newtec, Metris, Barco,…
  • Energy & environment – CPOWER, Vleemo, Belgian Offshore Cluster, DEME, Jan De Nul
  • Manufacturing & materials – Sioen
Industry 4.0

Read our free e-book on Industry 4.0

The era of smart machines and factories has arrived. What are the key trends within the Industry 4.0 evolution? This fascinating question gets a fascinating answer in this e-book, filled with inspiration and insights from experts in the field.


How we support your conference in Industry 4.0

Your conference in Industry 4.0 is right at home in Flanders. Contact our expert in your domain for more information about the free support we offer to your association or PCO.

  • We put together the strongest possible local organising committee.
  • We provide the best recommendations regarding venue, catering, accommodation and activities.
  • We help you define the positive, long-term impact of your conference.
  • You get the use of our state-of-the art technology for hybrid conferences.
  • We gladly welcome the board of your association or PCO for an inspirational visit.
  • Our service and support are free of charge.

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