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Tuya Beyers, nice to meet you

Tuya Beyers works as an International Association Expert for the VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau.

3 compelling questions for Tuya

1. Why are you convinced that congress delegates will love Flanders? 
After a fascinating day at a conference, there’s always something relaxing to do after hours, regardless of which city you’ve chosen. Your evening walk past UNESCO world heritage may also take you past some superb restaurants. But first, it’s time for a drink on a terrace!

2. What do you yourself love most about Flanders?
Its pocket-sized metropolises. Explore every neighbourhood of our cities on foot or by bike. Enjoy the music, the art, and all the tasty food that you encounter wherever you go. From centuries-old Flemish Masters to contemporary young heroes with international roots.

3. What is the link between your sector and Flanders?
Ground-breaking craftsmanship is inherently linked to Flanders. We owe the innovations and creativity of the present and the future to the expertise that we have cultivated for many centuries.

Contact Tuya for your conference in the field of:

  • Circular economy
  • Energy
  • Industry 4.0
  • Mobility

Related Key Industries

Smart Mobility

In Flanders we see the link between technology and climate as the foundation of the world of tomorrow and the breeding ground for the necessary game changers.

Circular economy

To ensure prosperity and well-being, we need to use raw materials, energy, water, space, and food more efficiently by closing the consumption cycle.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a groundbreaking industrial development, comparable to the advent of the steam engine and the internet.

smart energy

The red carpet is rolled out for Smart Energy conferences where knowledge can be shared.