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As a researcher, scientist, entrepreneur or policy maker, you want to create legacy. You want your work to make a difference, by making a positive long-term impact. Not only within the domain you work in, but also for society.

What legacy do you want to create? Delegates from around the world answered this question when they visited a conference in Flanders. Watch their testimonial, and get inspired for your own mission.

Flanders is committed to your legacy. Our region welcomes all delegates to conferences that aim to have a positive impact on society. By realizing your legacy, you help create tomorrow's heritage. Hence our slogan: create tomorrow's heritage.

Gemmeke De Jongh, Legacy Expert at VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau, warmly welcomes you and your legacy.

Want to know more about creating legacy with your conference in Flanders?

Gemmeke De Jongh is happy to be at your service. Send her a message or call +32 2 504 03 78.