Horta Grand Café and Art Nouveau Hall celebrates his legacy in a special way and you can join in by holding your next congress, meeting, event in this venue.




100-800 pax

At the turn of the 2Oth century, Belgium was a hotspot of the Art Nouveau style. Architects such as Victor Horta, Octave van Rysselberghe and Henry Van de Velde designed revolutionary new buildings with asymmetrical, curved lines inspired by nature. Unfortunately, this ‘new style’ wasn’t always understood or even appreciated, and a number of Art Nouveau buildings were later stripped of their wonderful decorations or even demolished.

It is hard to imagine now, but in 1965 it was decided to raze Het Volkshuis (House of the People) to the ground. This magnificent building in the centre of Brussels, designed by Horta, housed a co-operative company, managed by the Belgian socialist party. There was widespread protest against the demolition, but to no avail. The protesters did achieve something, however: the building elements were all numbered and carefully dismantled, so they could be reassembled at a new location at a later date. Many plans were made to rebuild Het Volkshuis, but none came to fruition. Large parts of the building were even stolen or sold.

Imagination and creativity

Enter the city of Antwerp. In the late 1990s, it held a competition for a new building, which had to include original elements from Het Volkshuis. The winner, Horta Grand Café and Art Nouveau Hall, opened its doors in 2000. It consists of a publicly accessible brasserie on the ground floor, and the private Art Nouveau Hall on the upper level, which is available as a venue for your next meeting, congress or event. Both are truly remarkable spaces: modern rooms, specifically designed to accommodate the original girders from Het Volkshuis. ‘Original’ in more than one sense, because they truly are works of art in their own right: twisted and bended, they look more like flower stalks than structural building elements. The Art Nouveau Hall is particularly striking because of the girders. It is a space where you immediately feel welcome and at home

A testimony to imagination and creativity, this is an inspiring location for any congress, meeting or event with a high level of sustainability. Horta Grand Café makes use of local products, reduces water consumption, collects organic waste and uses LED lights. Those efforts were awarded the Green Key label in 2023. 

Green Key label

Food and fashion

Horta Grand Café and Art Nouveau Hall is located in the heart of Antwerp, a thriving, exciting city that will appeal to all lovers of history, culture, fashion, shopping and excellent food. Speaking of which, the Art Nouveau Hall’s premier class in-house catering is fully customizable. The meeting equipment is top-shelf too, and can be adapted to accommodate all of your wishes.

Why not give Horta Grand Café and Art Nouveau Hall a try for your next congress, meeting or event? The hospitality staff will do their utmost to make it as memorable as the venue it is held in.

Located in the city of Antwerp

Europe's second largest port. Global capital of the diamond trade. Second largest petrochemical cluster in the world. Home of iconic artists Peter Paul Rubens and Sir Anthony van Dijck. Antwerp is a city that will amaze your delegates.

Practical information


  • By rail: 15 minutes on foot from Antwerp Central Station
  • By air: 30 minutes by car from Brussels Airport


Technical Info

  • Hybrid conferences possible


100-800 pax


Hopland 2
2000 Antwerp
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