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85% - this rating give associations to Flanders as a conference destination. The reasons for this high distinction you will discover in this e-book: the rich cultural offerings, the strong link to Flemish universities and the extensive professional support you get from VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau.

Download your copy, and stroll through cities and venues that will amaze your delegates. Discover the places where masters such as Van Eijck, Bruegel and Rubens walked the streets. Welcome your delegates in venues where the world’s very first stock exchange was founded, where they can meet among lions and tigers or have a drink at the top of a hundred-meter-high cathedral.

It's all possible in Flanders, a conference destination located barely 1.5 hours by train from Paris, London or Amsterdam. Start your exploration with this e-book.

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Cities & Venues

Flanders is home to 11 key sectors

Flanders is a world-class region in a large number of key industries. Check out why!