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If you know history, you don't have to repeat it. These wise words were once spoken by Kofi Annan, the legendary Secretary-General of the United Nations. And the last thing we want to do in the conference sector is to repeat 2020. That is why we are seeing what lessons we can learn from the catastrophe that was COVID-19.

How can you make the conferences you organise in your association or PCO future-proof? How can we work together to turn the tide in the event of future tsunamis? You can read all about it in this free e-book, which is packed with advice, suggestions and opinions from experts in our field.

You'll learn:

  •     why our sector will survive this crisis
  •     how the government can help
  •     why innovation is the most successful vaccine
  •     which trends will dominate the sector in the future
  •     why physical conferences will continue to be important

VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau is delighted to offer you this e-book, and wishes you successful conferences in the future.

"The conference industry has the power to tackle a crisis"

Future-proof conferences

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