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Welcome to Limburg, a lush green region in the east of Flanders, on the Dutch and German borders. Since time immemorial this region – where, as an aside, the world-famous Flemish master Jan van Eyck was born – has been bursting with energy. Coal was mined here until the early nineties. Once the black gold had lost its lustre, the region transformed from a “manufacturing economy” into a “knowledge and innovative economy”, specialising in LifeTech, HighTech, Energy and the Creative & Innovative Industry.

The industrial heritage was beautifully preserved in the ultra-modern conference centres, where you can host both physical and hybrid conferences. Your neighbours are world-class companies, organisations and research institutions. They provide the required expertise for putting together a successful conference programme. And just as important: they also make up an interested audience of experts and connoisseurs.

Outside conference hours, Limburg will also guarantee the kind of conference that leaves a lasting impression. The locals are friendly and hospitable. Their passion for the good life manifests itself in dozens of excellent restaurants. Nature will also welcome your delegates with open arms. They can even cycle through the trees and the water here, an experience that TIME Magazine famously described as “one of the 100 most beautiful places to visit in the world”.

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