Julius Persoone

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Set your milestone

As a researcher, scientist, entrepreneur or policy maker, you want to set a milestone. Not only in your field, but also by touching the lives of thousands, or even millions of people.

So do your colleagues in Flanders. Get inspired by their stories, and discover how they are setting milestones and making a lasting impact.

Holding your conference in Flanders is one way you can make a long-term impact. Read all about it at the bottom of the page.

Julius Persoone

“I make people with throat cancer able to taste again”

Julius Persoone developed a praline with artificial saliva, so throat cancer patients can savour chocolate again.

Jasper Van Hoorick

“I develop inks that will save lives”

Jasper Van Hoorick's company BIO INX aspires to one day print organs.

Tara Grauwet

“I make healthy food accessible to the whole world”

Tara Grauwet explores how we can feed 10 billion mouths in a healthy way by 2050.

Ignace Schops

“I received the green Nobel Prize”

Ignace Schops built a National Park and received the highest recognition for it.

Jelle Demanet

“I revolutionize healthcare via virtual reality”

Jelle Demanet uses virtual reality to help patients recover.

foto conferentie in Vlaanderen

Set your milestone with a conference in Flanders

Your conference has the potential to be a milestone. In Flanders, we value that legacy of your conference. We believe that your association’s visit to our region can offer lasting added value for society.

That is why our experts, as a service of VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau, reflect together with you on the positive, long-term impact of your conference.

So let's talk about milestones. Your own, and this one from your conference. Bet it will be a milestone of a conversation?

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