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Flanders is a world leader in a wide range of sectors. VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau is publishing an e-book about each of these areas, packed with indispensable information for your association or PCO. Click on the title(s) of your choice for a free download and discover how to create tomorrow's heritage with your conference in Flanders.

E-books about Flanders’ key industries

ebook cycling


Cycling is more than a sport or a means of transportation. It is a sector with a positive impact on climate change, diversity and the organization of our society. This e-book offers you tons of inspiration, insights and information for a successful conference in this fascinating field.
Care & Health

Care & Health

Nowhere the future of Care & Health is taking shape faster than in Flanders. How is it possible that this small spot on the world map produces so many medical innovations? And why is this region such a unique location for your congress? Read it in this fascinating e-book, and be inspired by the know-how and tips of world-class experts.

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Lifelong learning e-book

Lifelong learning

Tomorrow your learning curve will be more important than your salary curve. And one of the most pleasant ways to learn is to read. Take this e-book, for instance: a particularly enjoyable 36-page read, full of insights, inspiration and tips on lifelong learning and your next conference in this domain.

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Ebook Smart energy cover

Smart energy

How does a region 700 times smaller than the USA become a global player in smart energy? Discover, together with the answer, congress venues that you can' t find anywhere else in the world. Not even in the USA.

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Special editions

Guide legacy

Guide ‘How to develop a conference with a legacy’

VISITFLANDERS strives to host conferences that have a positive long-term impact and that have a legacy. Do you want to develop a conference with a legacy? Have a look at our practical manual. 

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An unmissable resource for every association, PCO and conference organizer

Future-proofing your conferences

How to make your conference corona- and future-proof? After your reading, you believe again in a bright future for our beautiful industry.

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