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Flanders is a world leader in a wide range of sectors. VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau is publishing an e-book about each of these areas, packed with indispensable information for your association or PCO. Click on the title(s) of your choice for a free download and discover how to create tomorrow's heritage with your conference in Flanders.

E-book about Flanders’ key industries

Lifelong learning e-book

Lifelong learning

Tomorrow your learning curve will be more important than your salary curve. And one of the most pleasant ways to learn is to read. Take this e-book, for instance: a particularly enjoyable 36-page read, full of insights, inspiration and tips on lifelong learning and your next conference in this domain.

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Ebook Smart energy cover

Smart energy

How does a region 700 times smaller than the USA become a global player in smart energy? Discover, together with the answer, congress venues that you can' t find anywhere else in the world. Not even in the USA.

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Special editions

An unmissable resource for every association, PCO and conference organizer

Future-proofing your conferences

How to make your conference corona- and future-proof? After your reading, you believe again in a bright future for our beautiful industry.

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