About our venues you could fill a library.
We already started with 1 book. Download it here, and discover real gems of architecture guaranteed to impress your delegates.

Make a lasting impression on your delegates with a Flanders Heritage Venue

By choosing one of the Flanders Heritage Venues, you welcome your delegates in a building with a unique story. The location always has exceptional architectural value, is situated in the historic city centre, and is within walking distance of all of Flanders’ cultural, artistic, and culinary assets. In that sense, you are really creating the legacy of the future in today’s heritage, while offering your guests an unforgettable heritage experience.

Some impressive facts about the Flanders Heritage Venues


One of the venues was the home of the last empress of Mexico.


Another venue houses one of the oldest medieval hospitals in Europe.


Yet another venue is the birthplace of the world-famous Stella Artois beer.


Each Flanders Heritage Venue is easily reachable, within an hour of the airport or near a train station.

Free e-book about Flanders as a dream location for your conference

Rubens, Van Eyck, Bruegel, chocolate and beer. Cities with a thousand-year history. Venues unique in the world. Flanders has a lot of trump cards to delight your delegates.

This beautiful e-book reveals all the assets for you, in 36 pages full of impressive photos. Download your free copy here.

Find out which Flanders Heritage Venue is the perfect fit for your conference




Each Flanders Heritage Venue comes with our accompanying free service

  • We provide the best recommendations regarding catering, accommodation and activities.
  • You get the use of our state-of-the art technology for hybrid conferences.
  • We put together the strongest possible local organising committee.
  • We help you define the positive, long-term impact of your conference.
  • We gladly welcome the board of your association or PCO for an inspirational visit.

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Let's create tomorrow's heritage together

VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau values legacy. We believe that your association’s visit can offer lasting added value for society. Your conference has the potential to be a milestone in your industry, as well as in the lives of hundreds, thousands and even millions of people.

That is why our experts, as a service of our organization, reflect together with you on the positive, long-term impact of your conference before it starts, along with a number of Flemish standard bearers in your key industry. After your conference, we map the long-term impact of your conference and provide you with feedback about this.

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