Flanders is a world-class region in a large number of key industries. The local ecosystem involves numerous stakeholders, such as knowledge institutions, governments, education, research companies, associations, (digital) networks and citizens, creating the ideal biotope for your conference. The commitment of all these parties assures you of the presence of many experts who support your conference. Your association or PCO cannot get a stronger guarantee for success.

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Flanders is home to 11 key sectors


You get advice from an expert trusted with your sector


Introduction of your conference to the local network in Flanders is part of our service

Our experts are at home in each of these key domains. They understand what topics your association or PCO is working on. This is a crucial requirement for the successful support of your conference.

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Our experts are at home in your sector. Wherever your association is headquartered, there is always a Relations Manager in your area who will be happy to tell you more about Flanders' unique assets as a host region for your conference.